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Literacy and Numeracy Competition (Competition Launch and Qualifying Rounds and Finale)

The second staging of the Literacy and Numeracy Competition was held at the Nannyville Garden’s Community Centre. This initiative is designed to promote and encourage reading and the love for mathematics amongst the beneficiaries. The event was a two-part series event that consisted of a qualifying round held on Saturday, September 2, 2018, and a Finale held on Saturday, September 22, 2018. The event targeted children between the ages of 6-17. To assess the children properly during the competition, the age groups were divided as follows: 6-9, 10-13 and 14-17. The competition saw 14 children participating in the qualifying round, all participants from each age group were tasked to do written papers for reading and mathematics. From the written assessment, the highest scores were used to select the competitors for the final round.

At the competition finale, the competitors completed a written mathematical assessment and then proceed to the live round to answer questions from reading books distributed to them at the competition launch. The top three performers from each age group received a trophy provided by WB Trophies, book vouchers from Kingston Bookshop, baskets and stationeries garnered from our stationery drive. We were pleased to have had Minister Julian Robinson in attendance and Mr. Damion Crawford who left a voice note about the importance of education and being literate, which was played for the contestants.

While the Literacy and Numeracy Competition finale was taking place, some members assisted our rotary club partner, the Rotary Club of New Kingston, to refurbish the kitchen of the Nannyville Infant school. This activity forms a part of the goal to assist the early childhood institution to achieve the early childhood certification status from the Ministry of Education. Additionally, on the same day, books were donated to the Nannyville Community Centre resource room.

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