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Sip and Paint Fundraising Event

Sip and Paint have been a growing activity used by groups and organizations as a form of fun and exciting activity and to build comradery with each other. Our club is renowned for its strong family dynamics and energy and with the growing trend of Sip and Paint we saw it necessary to use the event to raise funds for our community service projects. We partnered with Island Strokes and catered to 50 guests. The event was held at the Exhibition Hall at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies. Dr. Roberta Dewar guided the 50 guests to paint a District 7020 themed painting (two flamingos and Hibiscus flowers). The guests were treated with unlimited Wine provided by Caribbean Producers Jamaica Ltd and Olive International Investments and hors d’oeuvres (blocks of cheese and fruits) provided by General Food Supermarket and Farmgate E-market & Farm Price JA.

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