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Treat for the Homeless at the Marie Atkins Shelter in Downtown Kingston

Treat for the Homeless formerly reffered to as “Feeding the homeless” on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at the Marie Atkins Shelter. We treated over 150 persons in and around the Marie Atkins Shelter in downtown Kingston to meals, donations of clothes, care packages, medical, dental, vision and grooming services. 

The treat for the homeless was well supported by our very own members who either used their vocation (Dental cleaning, nursing etc) or assisted with operational efficiency. The initiative was also well supported by other organizations such as the Kingston Central Police Division, Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, Jamaica Dental Students’ Association, Lions Club of Mona, Kumeas Hair Perspective, the National Council for Senior Citizens and the Interact Clubs of Calabar High School and St. George’s College. 

The Treat for the Homeless initiative has been executed by the club for more than 5 years. Each year, the Treat expands as new ideas are shared and implemented. 


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